You Need a Cost-Effective and Stress-Free Path to Green Building Success

We’ll help you meet building science objectives and attain green certification and energy code compliance without the extra cost or hassle.

Green building programs and code compliance can be complicated, expensive, and full of problems.

Requirements for new energy codes and green building programs are continuously changing, incur additional construction costs, can be a huge hassle, and bring a host of unknowns and complexities. That’s why you need a consulting team with years of experience understanding building science and applying energy codes, HERS ratings, and green building programs cost-effectively.

Why work with Green Insight?

Our seamless process is built to help your project teams from early design through construction so you can build projects that are cost-effective, better for residents, and help the environment. Most of our clients are repeat customers and we know what they value because they tell us. Here are some of the reasons our clients say they love to work with us.

In-depth planning
and reporting

Our rigorous process developed over more than a decade makes sure you know what you need to do to meet your energy code and/or your green building requirements at the beginning phases of a project.

Creative, cost
effective solutions

We’re solution-based, out-of-the-box thinkers who know the most cost-effective way to achieve goals. This is because we have worked on hundreds of projects and keep up on the latest developments in the field.

A responsive and
reliable team

We know the goalposts can move quickly and often in your industry. That’s why we make ourselves available and our team goes above and beyond to offer creative solutions and keep things on track.

Over 500 completed

A key benefit of working with an experienced group: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with an expert, committed team that has completed over 500 projects for satisfied clients.

We want to make your job easier

Want to avoid the hassle and confusion that come with new energy codes and green building programs? Our goal is to make your job easier throughout the green building process. And with hundreds of projects successfully completed, we know just what you need to get to certification while minimizing cost and hassle.

How it works

Our success process will ease the hassle of implementing green building performance objectives and keep your project on track and on budget.



We start with a phone call to discuss your project and assess your needs. You sign up, and we work closely with you to eliminate frustration, starting with our thorough pre-design phase. We also review possible incentives and rebate opportunities.



We partner with you and your team during the design development and construction document phases to simplify the process and minimize your work. We work together to reduce frustration and make sure your project excels in every step of the green building process.



We define expectations and contractor issues from the start and are available throughout to help with the most difficult green building challenges. Our rigorous submittal review process and ongoing visual inspection and testing minimizes work and saves money.



We ensure project success by being there at every phase of your project, including getting your certificate of occupancy. We provide the reports and help you fill out the paperwork for any identified local, state, and federal incentives or rebates.

Call us today to assess your needs

Avoid the uncertainty, frustration, scope creep, and burden of code compliance and green building programs by hiring a team that will help you painlessly complete a project that is cost-effective and stress-free. Contact us now for a quick and easy project assessment followed by a free quote.

An owner-operated green energy and energy efficiency consulting team serving New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, West Texas, and the entire Mountain West.

Green Insight is an experienced green building and sustainability consulting company. We focus on simplifying, guiding, and streamlining the green building process and removing the hassle of understanding your local green building programs and code compliance. We’ll guide your project team through the whole green certification and energy code compliance path from the design phase through the end of construction.

Our project success

We view client relationships as a partnership that results in buildings optimized for energy efficiency that are more profitable to own, rent, or sell. And are better for their residents and the environment. In this portfolio, you will find some of the projects we’ve completed and the clients who’ve partnered with us over the years. 

Our Results in Numbers

Green Insight has a mission that drives us: Reduce our carbon footprint while helping our clients obtain their energy efficiency goals. But don’t just take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves in both our goals of sustainability and how we help our clients do the same while saving them money.


Tons CO2 per year *

Annual reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in tons per year


Pounds SO2 per year *

Annual reduction of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in pounds per year


Pounds NOx per year *

Annual reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in pounds per year


Trees Planted

Number of trees planted on our clients’ behalf


Rebates and Incentives

The dollar value of all tax and cash incentives we have helped our clients earn

*Compared to base case code building. Numbers represent 2017 and forward.

Read our blog

Get relevant, practical advice on how to design, build, and manage your project. Our team lives and breathes building science – we teach it and keep up with all the current scientific data, changing code requirements, and green building programs. We’ll curate all that information and bring you the best, most relevant tips and information in a succinct, understandable format so you can stay up to date as well. 

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Empowering Sustainability: Green Insight Wins PNM Award for Highest kWh Savings

We’re excited to share that Green Insight has earned an award from Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) as part of the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Awards for achieving the Highest Average kWh Savings in 2023. This recognition highlights our dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency, showcasing our commitment to making a real difference…

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What our clients are saying

“Green Insight is always available on-site and in real-time. Their ability to turn things around and keep a project on track distinguishes GI from competitors. They are also creative and willing to roll with the punches. In my world, things don’t always work out perfectly but the team at Green Insight is always open to finding creative solutions to figure out the most timely, cost-efficient way to resolve issues.”

Casey Cameron

Casey Cameron
Project Manager, Pavilion Construction

“Green Insight’s team is responsive, available, and provides a tremendous sense of security. We recently had a project where the goalposts changed quickly and often during the approval process. We were able to get our project approved, but I honestly don’t know how that would have gone if we didn’t have the backup and knowledge that Green Insight provided.”

Chris Beabout
Director of Development, Landmark Homes

“When it comes to green energy consultants, Green Insight takes the stress away like no other. They bring an unbeatable combination of value-engineering, industry knowledge, and out-of-the-box creativity for solutions that work. What I value most about working with Green Insight is the relationship – which is more like a partnership that has been one of the key drivers in our success. They take the stress away. And frankly, this has been the best relationship that I’ve had with somebody in this business.”

Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones
Owner, Trailhead Homes

Improve your green building performance

You can stop dealing with the pain of code compliance and green building programs. And instead, work with an expert team that will help you achieve your green building goals. Get in touch with us so we can start a fast and easy project assessment followed by a free quote.

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Where We Work

Green Insight serves clients throughout New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, West Texas, the entire Mountain West, and beyond. Over the years we’ve grown to service many cities in the mountain states and southwest and our primary service areas are listed below. Our footprint has quickly expanded to other cities and states within the U.S. and internationally. Our continued growth is powered by word-of-mouth marketing from hundreds of happy clients who love our dedication to detail and customer service. 

Green Insight has completed or is currently working on projects in the following states and countries:

Cayman Islands

New Mexico

Saudi Arabia