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Green Insight Wins Xcel Energy's Best Gas Only Rater Overall Award for 2023 New Mexico

| May 2, 2024

Green Insight Wins Xcel Energy’s Best Gas Only Rater Overall Award for 2023!

We’re thrilled that Xcel Energy has honored Green Insight as the Best Gas Only Rater Overall for 2023. This emphasizes our team’s dedication to environmentally sound building solutions and commitment to supporting our communities, clients, and the environment. Navigating the Path to Sustainable Building Success At Green Insight, we thrive on creativity and collaboration. We’re […]

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Green Insight Wins Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) Award for Highest kWh Savings copy

| March 6, 2024

Empowering Sustainability: Green Insight Wins PNM Award for Highest kWh Savings

We’re excited to share that Green Insight has earned an award from Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) as part of the PNM Business Energy Efficiency Awards for achieving the Highest Average kWh Savings in 2023. This recognition highlights our dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency, showcasing our commitment to making a real difference […]

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HERS Ratings in the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) Green Insight Green Building Consultants

| January 16, 2024

The Impact of HERS Ratings on the Multiple Listings Service (MLS)

HERS Ratings in the MLS: The Multiple Listings Service (MLS) is a valuable resource for real estate agents and buyers, providing comprehensive information about homes for sale.  While the MLS covers various aspects of a property, energy efficiency ratings were notably absent until recently.  In many markets, the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index has […]

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An aerial view of downtown Fort Collins, CO

| December 8, 2023

HERS Rating: Empowering Colorado Builders and Developers

Colorado is experiencing a surge in population, and with it comes a heightened demand for energy-efficient homes and buildings. To meet this demand, builders and developers in the state are turning to HERS ratings as a means to ensure their projects meet the highest standards of energy efficiency. We’ve written a guide that covers everything […]

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A picture of Townhomes on Vine in Fort Collins, CO

| November 3, 2023

The Economic Benefits of Green Building in Colorado: Case Studies and Statistics

Green building practices have been gaining popularity in Colorado for their environmental benefits, but they also offer significant economic benefits.  Green building practices in Colorado are cost-effective for several reasons: Green building practices in Colorado offer a range of economic benefits, including cost savings from energy and water efficiency, increased property values, improved indoor air […]

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Changes Section 45L Tax Credit Green Insight

| October 31, 2023

Navigating the Changes in the Section 45L Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

Changes to Section 45L Tax Credit: On September 27, 2023, the IRS released notice 2023-65, providing crucial details on the revamped energy-efficient home credit under Section 45L.  The notice provides long-awaited details on the revamped energy-efficient home credit under section 45L, as amended by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022. Let’s explore the key changes […]

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Green Building Tax Incentives for Homebuilders Denver, Fort Collins, Santa Fe, Albuquerque

| October 27, 2023

Maximizing Green Building Tax Incentives for Multifamily Developers and Homebuilders

Green building tax incentives: As the world prioritizes sustainability, green building practices have become increasingly important for developers and builders.  With the environmental benefits, there are also many financial incentives for those who incorporate green building practices into their projects.  The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers several federal tax incentives for green building, including the […]

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Keeping the Colorado Climate at Bay With Proper Insulation and Air Sealing

| September 21, 2023

Keeping the Colorado Climate at Bay With Proper Insulation and Air Sealing

Air Sealing and Insulation: Creating Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Homes in Colorado Colorado’s climate can be beautiful and challenging, with hot summers and cold winters. However proper insulation and air-sealing will increase year-round comfort and reduce energy consumption. Let’s explore the importance of these practices in Colorado’s challenging climate. Understanding the benefits of insulation and air […]

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5 Techniques for Achieving Green Building Success in Colorado

| September 20, 2023

5 Techniques for Achieving Green Building Success in Colorado

Green building practices have gained significant popularity in cities like Denver and Fort Collins, contributing to the overall green building success in Colorado. However, implementing these practices can be challenging for builders. In this article, we will explore five techniques that Colorado builders can utilize to achieve green building success in their new construction projects. […]

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AeroBarrier sprayer in operation inside a new home construction project.

| August 11, 2023

The Ultimate Air-Sealing Solution for Green Buildings (Aeroseal Envelope)

What do you think is the best air-sealing solution for green buildings? In the world of green building and energy efficiency, ensuring an airtight building envelope is crucial for achieving optimal energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. Traditional air sealing methods can be time-consuming, unreliable, and often leave invisible gaps and leaks. However, there […]

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Green Building Success in New Mexico – Three Examples of Sustainable Construction

| July 28, 2023

Green Building Success in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico (3 Examples of Sustainable Construction at Work)

New Mexico is home to some noteworthy green building projects that combine sustainability with style and affordability. In cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we’ve worked with developers and contractors who have embraced the challenge of creating buildings that are not only environmentally friendly but also meet the needs of the local community. In this […]

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Professional installing insulation inside a house to meet energy efficiency requirements

| June 4, 2023

What’s the 25C Tax Credit? (And How Can You Get It?)

For homeowners looking to make energy upgrades to their homes, the 25C Tax Credit is one of the most worthwhile incentives out there. It gives people shopping for energy-efficient home upgrades sizable financial savings by reducing their tax bill. 25C is a non-refundable credit recently updated under the Inflation Reduction Act. It encourages energy efficiency […]

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Guide to the 179D Tax Deduction

| April 11, 2023

Your Essential Guide to the 179D Tax Deduction

If you’re a commercial builder or you own a commercial property (or a residential building 4 stories or taller), it’s important that you stay up to date on the latest requirements for the 179D tax deduction (part of saving with the Inflation Reduction Act). This tax deduction, geared toward making commercial buildings more energy efficient, […]

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Everything You Need to Know About the 45L Tax Credit

| March 31, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About the 45L Tax Credit

If you’re a builder or developer, there’s a chance you’re not taking advantage of the 45L Tax Credit for Builders, an incentive to build greener and more environmentally sustainable residential properties. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this credit and how you can qualify to begin saving money […]

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Dyess Air Force Base LEED for Home Silver Abilene, Texas – Green Insight Green Building Consultants

| September 23, 2022

Dyess Air Force Base Temporary Lodging Facility Earns LEED for Home Silver Rating

Abilene, Texas is regularly listed as one of America’s most livable small towns. Sitting about 180 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and with a population of 125,182, Abilene is considered the economic center of 22 counties in West Texas. According to their official tourism website, Abilene is “big on what matters” including history, […]

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University of Florida Corry Village LEED Platinum Certified Green Insight

| September 14, 2022

Completely Renovated Corry Village for Graduate Students and Families Earns LEED Platinum Certification

The third largest university in the state, the University of Florida, makes up much of the population of Gainesville, Florida. With nearly 57,000 students, the University of Florida was ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as the fifth best public university in the United States. Among its students, U of F also hosts nearly […]

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Presidio Housing Development Earns LEED for Homes Gold Certification Green Insight Green Building Consultants, Colorado, New Mexico

| September 1, 2022

Border Patrol’s Presidio Housing Development Earns LEED for Homes Gold Certification

Presidio, Texas is a town steeped in history. Established in the 17th century but settled as early as 1500 B.C. Presidio is now home to just under 4,000 people. This colorful and historic section of Texas lies right on the Rio Grande River, just across the border from Ojinaga, Mexico, and boasts some of the […]

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Hotel Clovis LEED Platinum Clovis, New Mexico Green Insight LLC

| August 16, 2022

Hotel Clovis Earns LEED for Homes Platinum Certification

The city of Clovis, New Mexico sits just 9 miles west of the border of Texas and is called home to almost 40,000 people. A large agricultural community, Clovis is surrounded by large peanut and cotton farms as well as busy cattle ranches. At the city’s heart sits the Art Deco gem, the Hotel Clovis. […]

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El Camino Real Apartments Hatch, New Mexico Green Insight Projects

| August 10, 2022

El Camino Real Apartments Earns LEED for Homes Platinum Certification

The small village of Hatch, New Mexico has just under 2,000 residents. But every year they watch their numbers swell to over 30,000 for one big reason: The Hatch Chile. Also known as the New Mexico Chile, these chiles find the perfect altitude, climate, and soil to grow in the Hatch Valley, located in the […]

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La Pradera Hobbs, NM project by Green Insight LLC

| July 29, 2022

La Pradera Earns LEED for Homes Platinum Certification in Hobbs, NM

Hobbs, New Mexico has a rich multicultural history boasting true cowboy legends, long-held farming traditions, and rich Hispanic culture. Known for its blue skies and breathtaking sunsets, Hobbs truly represents the very best of what the high desert can offer. One more thing that Hobbs can now boast of is a commitment to sustainable green […]

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Lukachukai School, AZ – LEED Certification Green Insight Green Building Consultants

| June 15, 2022

Lukachukai Community School Will Open With LEED Certification

The brand new Lukachukai Community School will open on a 44-acre site nestled in the beautiful Chuska mountain range of Lukachukai, Arizona. This K-8 school will feature a student dormitory, bus maintenance facility, community fire station, and staff housing to help retain talented teachers. The new school will accommodate 400 students with a mission to […]

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LEED Certified Zuni Housing, Zuni, New Mexico Green Insight Green Building Consultants

| June 10, 2022

Zuni Housing Rehabilitation Project Earns LEED for Homes Silver Certification

The Native American tribal housing entity Zuni Housing Authority owns and maintains dozens of homes for tribal members in the small rural community of Black Rock, NM. With a mission to expand housing solutions and economic opportunities for the Ashiwi people and its future generations, Zuni Housing Authority offers a variety of services to help […]

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LEED Certified Vill Alegre Apartments, Santa Fe _ Green Insight, LLC

| June 1, 2022

Affordable Green Housing in Santa Fe: Green Community Villa Alegre

Located just blocks from Santa Fe’s historic plaza, Villa Alegre is proud to offer its first 111 affordable units that have earned the LEED for Homes Platinum certification. These units are part of phases 1 and 2 of construction and offer beautiful apartment homes as well as homes for seniors complete with an on-site Service […]

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| April 22, 2022

Arizona State’s Lantana Hall Earns LEED for Home Platinum Rating

Green Insight’s mission on any project is simple: Use our expertise in green and sustainable building to work with developers on a project that doesn’t have to sacrifice style for substance, while keeping the bottom line clearly in focus..  Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus had just the project for us: A student housing facility that […]

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Platinum Luxury Apartments Receives LEED Platinum Certification Albuquerque, NM – Green Insight

| April 14, 2022

Platinum Luxury Apartments, Albuquerque Receives LEED Platinum Certification

The challenge was set: How can you create a living experience that is the very embodiment of luxury while still keeping the utility costs low, the construction costs reasonable for the product type, and the utmost sustainability for the planet? Out of this challenge, Platinum Luxury Apartments were designed and constructed with Green Insight’s assistance. […]

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Fort Collins Townhomes Receive LEED® Gold Certification

| March 17, 2022

Green Building Excellence in Fort Collins, CO: LEED Gold Certified Project

The city of Fort Collins is often recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative cities in everything from technology to target industries. One of the areas of innovation where Fort Collins is most committed is in green building and residential code compliance. When it comes to green building in Fort Collins, the city is […]

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Cannon Air Force Base Green Insight Projects

| October 9, 2020

Cannon Air Force Base Project gets LEED for Homes Certification

After more than 5 years of delays, rating systems changes and untold mishaps, Green Insight is pleased to announce the Temporary Lodging Facility at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis New Mexico has finally been approved for certification under LEED for Homes 2008! Congratulations to all involved including Tejas Premier, Green Living, LLC and of […]

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| July 28, 2020

Another Green Insight LEED for Homes Certification in the Cayman Islands

The LEED for Homes team at Green Insight would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dean and Angela Garfinkel on the recent LEED for Homes V4.1 GOLD certification of their custom home in Crystal Harbour, Grand Cayman. This is yet another successful international LEED for Homes certification for Green Insight. As the company who […]

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Green-Insight-LLC-Receives-2018-PNM-Multifamily-Energy-Efficiency-Award copy

| February 13, 2019

Green Insight, LLC Receives 2018 PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Award

Each year the PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program recognizes its top performing trade allies. These are contractors who have helped PNM reduce its electrical demand by partnering with multifamily housing developers to reduce their electrical energy consumption. At this year’s Trade Ally Kick-Off Meeting & Award Ceremony, Green Insight, LLC was presented with PNM’s Transformer […]

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El Camino Real Apartments 2 Green Insight Projects copy

| May 8, 2018

LEED Platinum Agricultural Worker Housing comes to Hatch, NM

Until recently, stability was hard to come by for those working in the agriculture industry in Hatch, NM. Work was hard, pay was low, and affordable housing was lacking. On April 12, however, that changed for 40 families with the grand opening of the $9.6 million El Camino Real Apartments. Built specifically for farm workers, […]

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Platinum Luxury Apartments Green Insight Projects

| February 17, 2016

Platinum Building – New Apartments Certified LEED Platinum in Albuquerque

LEED for Homes projects are transforming the industry and the lives of dwellers across the country. It has turned into the most widely used green building program in the world.This project and others in New Mexico have made us number 10 in our country with over 2000 LEED for Homes certified units. Platinum is one of […]

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| November 18, 2015

Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home Earns LEED for Homes Silver

The Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home is an eight-bed long-term group home that serves 16-18 year-old youth aging out of foster care who are in need of a structured-living environment while they transition into adulthood. Green Insight is very pleased to announce that this multifamily project has earned LEED for Home Silver certification – our first project […]

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