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| April 22, 2022

Arizona State’s Lantana Hall Earns LEED for Home Platinum Rating

Green Insight’s mission on any project is simple: Use our expertise in green and sustainable building to work with developers on a project that doesn’t have to sacrifice style for substance, while keeping the bottom line clearly in focus..  Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus had just the project for us: A student housing facility that […]

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Platinum Luxury Apartments Receives LEED Platinum Certification Albuquerque, NM – Green Insight

| April 14, 2022

Platinum Luxury Apartments Receives LEED Platinum Certification

The challenge was set: How can you create a living experience that is the very embodiment of luxury while still keeping the utility costs low, the construction costs reasonable for the product type, and the utmost sustainability for the planet? Out of this challenge, Platinum Luxury Apartments were designed and constructed with Green Insight’s assistance. […]

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Fort Collins Townhomes Receive LEED® Gold Certification

| March 17, 2022

Fort Collins Townhomes Receive LEED Gold Certification

The city of Fort Collins is often recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative cities in everything from technology to target industries. One of the areas of innovation where Fort Collins is most committed is in green building and residential code compliance. Fort Collins is focused on designing and constructing buildings that have an […]

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Cannon Air Force Base Green Insight Projects

| October 9, 2020

Cannon Air Force Base Project gets LEED for Homes Certification

After more than 5 years of delays, rating systems changes and untold mishaps, Green Insight is pleased to announce the Temporary Lodging Facility at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis New Mexico has finally been approved for certification under LEED for Homes 2008! Congratulations to all involved including Tejas Premier, Green Living, LLC and of […]

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| July 28, 2020

Another Green Insight LEED for Homes Certification in the Cayman Islands

The LEED for Homes team at Green Insight would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dean and Angela Garfinkel on the recent LEED for Homes V4.1 GOLD certification of their custom home in Crystal Harbour, Grand Cayman. This is yet another successful international LEED for Homes certification for Green Insight. As the company who […]

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Green-Insight-LLC-Receives-2018-PNM-Multifamily-Energy-Efficiency-Award copy

| February 13, 2019

Green Insight, LLC Receives 2018 PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Award

Each year the PNM Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program recognizes its top performing trade allies. These are contractors who have helped PNM reduce its electrical demand by partnering with multifamily housing developers to reduce their electrical energy consumption. At this year’s Trade Ally Kick-Off Meeting & Award Ceremony, Green Insight, LLC was presented with PNM’s Transformer […]

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El Camino Real Apartments 2 Green Insight Projects copy

| May 8, 2018

LEED Platinum Agricultural Worker Housing comes to Hatch, NM

Until recently, stability was hard to come by for those working in the agriculture industry in Hatch, NM. Work was hard, pay was low, and affordable housing was lacking. On April 12, however, that changed for 40 families with the grand opening of the $9.6 million El Camino Real Apartments. Built specifically for farm workers, […]

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Platinum Luxury Apartments Green Insight Projects

| February 17, 2016

Platinum Building – New Apartments Certified LEED Platinum in Albuquerque

LEED for Homes projects are transforming the industry and the lives of dwellers across the country. It has turned into the most widely used green building program in the world.This project and others in New Mexico have made us number 10 in our country with over 2000 LEED for Homes certified units. Platinum is one of […]

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| November 18, 2015

Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home Earns LEED for Homes Silver

The Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home is an eight-bed long-term group home that serves 16-18 year-old youth aging out of foster care who are in need of a structured-living environment while they transition into adulthood. Green Insight is very pleased to announce that this multifamily project has earned LEED for Home Silver certification – our first project […]

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