Gregor Braugman
Field Technician


Gregor Braugman

“I feel lucky to work in an industry where I am tasked with making buildings more healthy, durable, energy-efficient, and comfortable for tenants and homeowners. The quality of the buildings and outdoor spaces that we construct now will influence quality of life for generations to come, and I hope that future generations will thrive in those spaces, and build on our efforts to design even better buildings and spaces.“

Gregor spent many years working in the construction and facility maintenance industry before earning associates degrees in Biology and Architectural Drafting. Beginning while still in college, Gregor worked for a sustainability consulting firm in the commercial construction market for 3+ years prior to coming to Green Insight.

Gregor’s approach is to consider the comfort, health, and financial impact on the future tenants and homeowners. Then there is the never-ending search for the right tools for the job. Finally, building relationships with the project team, most especially the contractors who will actually be constructing the building, is what really helps sustainability-focused projects get to the finish line under budget and on-time. Gregor dreams of the day when a sustainable-building is referred to as a building.


  • LEED AP Building Design + Construction, 2019
  • LEED AP Operations + Maintenance, 2020
  • (CIE) Certified Indoor Environmentalist, 2021
  • Green Rater candidate, currently in training.


  • Associates in Biology, Central New Mexico Community College
  • Associates in Architectural Drafting, Central New Mexico Community College

When he is not in the office, you find Ryan…
Caring for plants indoor and out, spending time in Albuquerque’s Bosque, and training Kung Fu for health, fitness, community, and self-defense.

And listening to music the whole time😊