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Periwinkle housing development

Grand Harbour, Cayman Islands

Project Details:

Periwinkle is a housing development that will connect people to one another and their environment, to establish a genuine sense of place. The Periwinkle design team has combined all the fantastic attributes of living in the Cayman Islands, with the principles of new urbanism. This includes a strong focus on a thriving community, sustainable living, and enjoying Cayman’s world-class waterfront living.

Periwinkle is in an amazing location, close to Grand Harbour, within walking distance to shops and restaurants, and a short drive to George Town and 7 Mile Beach. The outstanding amenities combined with the beautiful architectural and interior design options will make Periwinkle one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Cayman. “Community” is at the heart of the development, and this is epitomized by the LEED sustainability certification that will be the first of its kind on this scale, in the Cayman Islands.

For many of us, living more sustainably is attractive but often seems a little out of our reach. Periwinkle will be the first community to be LEED-certified in Cayman, the pinnacle of green accreditations. At its simplest, this means a significant saving on monthly bills, as each home has energy efficiency built into its core. Solar power will be the main source of energy for homes, street, and dock lighting and Periwinkle kitchens will be powered by natural gas and fitted with appliances that have the highest energy efficiency ratings.

Being part of a LEED-certified community is more than energy-saving however – it means an incredible amount of thought has gone into the entire building process, positively impacting the home environment, and reducing the effects we have on the local environment. Building and landscaping materials used in LEED-certified homes and the community amenities are free from toxins and chemicals, limiting the impacts on the environment in the past and in the future. A LEED home also has superior air quality, ensuring Periwinkle families are surrounded by a healthy living atmosphere and environment.

  • Grand Harbour, Cayman Islands


Effects we have on the local environment. Building and landscaping materials used in LEED-certified homes and the


• Solar-powered homes and streetlights
• Gas appliances
• Locally sourced landscaping
• Farm to table market program
• Toxin-free building materials
• Significantly reduced household bills, to approximately $150 per month
• Clean air that reduces allergens and promotes wellbeing inside the home
• Conserving the local environment and protecting it for the future
• Green spaces for shared enjoyment


  • LEED Gold Certified
  • Owners in Phase 1 are seeing monthly energy bills as low as $150 per month

What our clients are saying

“Green Insight is always available on-site and in real-time. Their ability to turn things around and keep a project on track distinguishes GI from competitors. They are also creative and willing to roll with the punches. In my world, things don’t always work out perfectly but the team at Green Insight is always open to finding creative solutions to figure out the most timely, cost-efficient way to resolve issues.”

Casey Cameron

Casey Cameron
Project Manager, Pavilion Construction

“Green Insight’s team is responsive, available, and provides a tremendous sense of security. We recently had a project where the goalposts changed quickly and often during the approval process. We were able to get our project approved, but I honestly don’t know how that would have gone if we didn’t have the backup and knowledge that Green Insight provided.”

Chris Beabout
Director of Development, Landmark Homes

“When it comes to green energy consultants, Green Insight takes the stress away like no other. They bring an unbeatable combination of value-engineering, industry knowledge, and out-of-the-box creativity for solutions that work. What I value most about working with Green Insight is the relationship – which is more like a partnership that has been one of the key drivers in our success. They take the stress away. And frankly, this has been the best relationship that I’ve had with somebody in this business.”

Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones
Owner, Trailhead Homes

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