Platinum Luxury Apartments

4100 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Project Details:

This project is a “Class A” four-story apartment building of 75 units with a Yoga/Pilates studio, a community pool table room, and a rooftop BBQ/Bar. This project is in the heart of Nob Hill on a major transit line and was designed to appeal to young professionals who want a balance of luxury and sustainability. This project will achieve a HERS of 59 through a highly insulated envelope, mini-split HVAC, and a small PV array.

Included in Green Insight’s scope of work was LEED for Homes credit verification, testing during construction and QAD review, energy efficiency recommendations, building material assessments, review of construction documents, specifications, and project submittals.


The biggest challenge in this project was the target budget of $110 a square foot. We modeled numerous envelope designs, mechanical systems, and podium options to determine the most cost-effective build. Rebates and incentives were accounted for in every calculation.


Wood-framed structure with an insulation/sheathing very similar to what is now sold as ZIP wall. The units have mini splits and on-demand electric water heaters. There is a small PV system that provides all the power for the common use spaces


  • LEED Platinum Certified
  • NM Sustainable Building Tax Credit of $403,871.00
  • City of Albuquerque Water Rebate of $13,090.00
  • PNM Utility Rebate of $22,623.00
  • 179D Federal Tax Credit

“Our development team for Platinum believed that the global sustainability revolution starts at home, so we transformed a blighted site into a LEED platinum building proving that sustainability can be stylish and affordable.”
– Rick Goldman from Golden Spike

What our clients are saying

“Green Insight is always available on-site and in real-time. Their ability to turn things around and keep a project on track distinguishes GI from competitors. They are also creative and willing to roll with the punches. In my world, things don’t always work out perfectly but the team at Green Insight is always open to finding creative solutions to figure out the most timely, cost-efficient way to resolve issues.”

Casey Cameron

Casey Cameron
Project Manager, Pavilion Construction

“Green Insight’s team is responsive, available, and provides a tremendous sense of security. We recently had a project where the goalposts changed quickly and often during the approval process. We were able to get our project approved, but I honestly don’t know how that would have gone if we didn’t have the backup and knowledge that Green Insight provided.”

Chris Beabout
Director of Development, Landmark Homes

“When it comes to green energy consultants, Green Insight takes the stress away like no other. They bring an unbeatable combination of value-engineering, industry knowledge, and out-of-the-box creativity for solutions that work. What I value most about working with Green Insight is the relationship – which is more like a partnership that has been one of the key drivers in our success. They take the stress away. And frankly, this has been the best relationship that I’ve had with somebody in this business.”

Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones
Owner, Trailhead Homes

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